Results of our Project

Total Positive Attributes versus Total Negative Values for Corpus

- Open - ClosedTotal Open vs. Closed Values1501500AloneAL AARAAFANNABEL LEEA PæanA DREAMA DREAM WITHIN A DREAMA VALENTINEBridal BalladDreamlandDreamsELDORADOEULALIEEvening StarFairylandFOR ANNIE"The Happiest Day"Hymn (translation from the Greek Hymn to Aristogeiton and HarmodiusHymnImitation"In Youth I have Known One""In Youth I have Known One"ISRAFELLENOREMarie Louise (Shew)TO THE RIVERROMANCESilenceSONGSPIRITS OF THE DEADTAMERLANEThe LakeTHE BELLSTHE CITY IN THE SEA.The ColiseumThe Conqueror WormThe Forest ReverieThe Haunted PalaceTHE RAVENThe SleeperTHE VALLEY OF UNRESTThe Village StreetTo Isadore TO----TO ——(2) To Marie Louise (Shew)TO SCIENCE A PROLOGUE TO "AL AARAAF"TO F--TO FRANCES S. OSGOOD To Isadore TO MY MOTHERTo One in ParadiseTo ZanteULALUME

Speaking generally, looking at this graph we can see the th closed values (in orange or else on the right hand of the screen) appear in greater numbers than open values across the entirety of Poe's poetical corpus. While this does not account for open and closed values being paired in moments of negation in the corpus, our code does permit for this type of results analysis to be done and for a visualization as such to be created. These results support our proposed research questions that Poe's poetical work mirrors the closed and captured nature that is exhibited in his fictional corpus

- Open - ClosedOpen vs. Closed on Parts of Speech6004503001500AdverbAdjectiveVerbNounPreposition

This second visualization shows the distribution of open and closed values across each part of speech. It visualizes in a different fashion that higher occurence of closed values, but also demonstrates how most of these values were selected based on their locational value as determined by the part of speech being a preposition, which is shown to have the greatest number of tags throughout the entire corpus

Individual Poem Results Table of Contents

The following table of contents links to indivual charts showing open versus closed values for each poem in the corpus.